Know Why Designer Women Slippers Are The Next Big Trend

Everyone please stand up and let us give the fashion trend its well deserved standing ovation. I vow I just LOVE fashion. I treasure pretty clothes, sexy heels, high-end makeup and classy looks. So in this world full of appealing faces, where do designer womens slippers stand? And, most essentially where do we stand towards them?

Truth is, there are some trends we love and some we hate. However, I bet, women designer slippers are so fluffy and comfy that you can’t give them a cold shoulder. The question is how do we really feel about those slippers? Do we wear them often? And if so, how do we stylize them? Designer slippers are perfect mix of breathtaking trends, coming with a fusion of both sweet and sexy. It’s like fashion ultimately did some justice for the girly girls there.


If you like spending hours scrolling Instagram and looking out what the renowned fashion blogger has worn, you will find that there are a few selected items that they owe, and one among them is designer womens slippers. So, bid adieu to tip toe heels and scream hola to slip-on fashion (finally!).

Get ready to make your feet sing out of complete relief as slippers make a comeback to our daily outfit of the day.  These slip-ons are at their comfiest with these easy style combinations that one can use for chic, casual wear.

  1. Put on the loose pullover, a pencil mini skirt, designer slippers and a cute hat and get a perfect ensemble for the manila climate.
  2. Amp up your street-cred with the classic basic combination of a cropped top, a jogger, a casual pair of slip-ons and a vintage statement making cap.
  3. Travel the time machine and relive the fashion of the 90s. Do you remember the rage for the 90s kids? Bellbottom pants, off-shoulder tops and platform slippers of course!
  4. Slide on the most on the sunniest days by getting yourself an outfit that is boho-chic. Streamline your inner bohemian gypsy and turn heads with a tunic dress and classic pair of slippers with charming prints.
  5. Give your regular outfit of the day a relaxed and casual twist. Crisp over-sized polo tops and funky printed slippers can make your day!

Slipping your feet into a cozy pair of designer slippers is one of life’s best luxuries. Robin-Dissa, Win-Steen and Degne-Rossi are some of the Jeanne Johnson-Bennett’s high-end designed women slippers that took the fashion world by storm, even being street-style snapped on many global fashion shows. Get ready to rock the trend with one of these Bennett’s street style shots.

Also, thanks to the high-end and renowned brands that made designer women slippers be a part of the ultra modern fashionable world and became the closest shoes to wear. With women and men equally obsessed, the slippers became a fashion statement complementing every outfit. They are now very fashionable and embellished and not really like the casual ones one wear at home like the worn out Uggs. It’s quite similar to the trend of pairing a suit with sneakers. This fashion trend isn’t for masses, but if you are in love with fashion and are bold enough, then yes, they are for you! And I think it is super cool to mix comfort and luxury, so why not?

An Investment Piece

One can find designer slippers in all price range, but I personally will encourage people to invest in high end slippers that will last them lifetime. If in a dilemma that what if such trend will pass quickly and money invested will get wasted, now worries! Just have a look at 80s fashion pictures and you will find a lot of similarities in today’s fashion market. So, my advice will be to invest in a nice pair of high quality slippers that will be worth every buck.

No Penny, No Worry

If you are having a tight pocket, no need to worry too. You will be lucky finding luxurious women slippers that feel comfortable at a very reasonable price rate. The trick here is to look for the quality. Many established brands make high quality shoes that are not as pricey.

There are tons of different types of slippers available from shearing ones that keep your feet toasty warm to ones that have thick rubber soles and can be worn outside. If you’re not sure where to start looking, we have you covered. Visit and find the one of your choice!

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8 things you must know before buying luxury slippers in USA

If you are searching for women’s luxury slippers in USA, this post will help you know a lot of things. Below are some points that come right from doctors.


1. As per APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), our feet are more prone to injury from any other part of the body. That is why we need to do everything that protects our feet. And it includes supporting them with well-made footwear.

2. Ailments, affecting the heel, the arch and the tendons of the foot, can be linked back to poor manufactured and unsupportive shoes.

3. The potential for injury is not limited to the foot. Wearing the wrong shoes doesn’t stop at the foot. They go beyond and affect some of the major body parts like your:

  • Back
  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Spinal alignment and
  • Neck

Superior Manufacturing is a must

4. The key ingredient to a long-lasting and supportive shoe is how well is its build quality. Wrapping your feet in good materials is essential for preventing injury not only to your feet but also the rest of your body.


Among many, Memory Foam and Latex Insoles stands out

When it comes to finding shoes that will protect your feet, the importance of quality cushioned insole is vital. You’d be stressed to find anything that beats the comfort and support of memory foam or latex insoles. Then, here are some things that you will love to know.

5. Memory foam molds to the shape of your foot in an instant and provides:

  •  Excellent Arch support
  • Increases stability and
  • Relieves the pressure on the joints and the ball of your foot

6. Latex insoles divert away pressure from the foot. They are ideal for all-year-wear.

7. Latex is breathable. It thus keeps your feet fresh as well as cool in summer months while warm during the winters.

8. Both memory foam and latex insoles cushion the shock of every step you take, thus providing ultimate protection for the foot.

Many injuries happen only from poorly constructed shoes. It has lasting effects that can, in turn, impact your way of life. You might search for luxury slippers in USA, but you must keep an eye for the comfy brands like ZsaZa Slippers.

With companies out there in the market whose sole purpose is providing supportive, comfortable, and quality footwear, why would you not take the advantage?


Every organ and body part especially our foot is essential to us and is a prize, a gift from the Almighty. Our feet are that possession that gets us where we want to go. And many times we don’t value them enough. With every footstep we take each day, we owe our feet earnest quality care. By choosing comfortable and luxury slippers in USA, you’ll not only offer comfort to your feet, but to your knees, ankles and your back.

What more? If you think that this post aided some help to you, don’t forget to click the share the button. Also, if you have valuable points, feel free to post them n the comments.

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Choosing nightgowns for women – Comfort and material is important

The most ideal approach to begin any day is with an extraordinary nights rest, keeping in mind it might appear to be unimportant at to start with, your decision of nightwear can have a major effect to the way you rest. The right decision of nightgown, pajamas or other sleepwear is more critical than your might suspect.

Pink-Polka-Dot-Robe and-Chemise

A comfortable sleep is a need

Getting a comfortable sleep is a must and that can be done in a comfortable night wear. There is in no way like getting a comfortable sleepwear with a sexy tinge. Obviously, with regards to comfortable sleepwear there can be nothing as comfortable as women’s pajamas, and when these women’s close attire accompany a sexy turn, the fun is multiplied. Finding nightgowns for women online is good as you get much variety here.

Nightgowns are accessible in various fabrics, styles, and designs. Notwithstanding age, any lady can pick a couple of sexy women’s pajamas, contingent upon their style and inclinations. Sexy lady’s nightgowns with lovely prints can cover your disturbed parts magnificently. With the sexy women’s nightwear you can turn out to comfortable on your bed ready for a good night’s sleep.

If pajamas are not for you, opt for others

On the off chance that you think pajamas are excessively unassuming, then sexy nightgowns are dependably there for you. The new scope of fashionable and sexy nightgowns can make you feel smooth and warm.

Sexy nightgowns for women sexy satin nightgowns or satin chemises can make the best nightwear for those youthful on the most fundamental level or age. Sexy satin nightgowns would give you an alluring look. The sexy satin nightgowns stream over the body and give your skin adequate space to relax. A satin outfit can likewise keep you warm.

There are other choices too

For the individuals who incline toward a raunchier look a sexy dark chemise or a transparent nightshirt would do the enchantment. These noteworthy dresses are certain to turn-on your partner and touch off the lost enthusiasm in your relationship.

The primary concern is that women have a bigger assortment of choices. The clothing for women that enter in this classification can go from exceptionally arousing satin to wool and fluffy nightgowns. Women can likewise choose from rompers, teddies or shorts with nightgowns. Furthermore, the materials utilized are additionally exceptionally variable and great for various sorts of seasons or purposes.