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Know How Zsa Zsa Luxury Slippers for Ladies Made My Feet Go Happy

With the growing of athleisure movement, every woman today is constantly in look out for chic high and low closet pieces that bring together solace and functionality without killing fashion.

This is the trend of relaxed fashion. Sneakers, stretchy garments, comfort lingerie, flat slippers and….Yes! All prayers have been answered. Finally, a chic shoe trend that is super easy to walk in: The flat slipper mule. Absolutely perfect for all occasions, no wonder why everyone is obsessing over flat luxury slippers for ladies.


Thankfully, what used to be a trend reserved for your evenings at home or traveling has now made it on to the streets outdoors! And when you need to give your stilettos a break, there isn’t a more comfortable (and sophisticated) option.

It is highly unlikely that Jeanne Johnson-Bennett, the owner and designer of Zsa Zsa slippers, is the only consumer who got utterly frustrated by the lack of diversity in slippers available today. Few years back, she drew inspiration to solve this slipper trend issue while watching The Ellen Degeneres Show, an American television comedy talk show, where Ellen made a fake platform slipper for Sofia Vergara, a Colombian actress and mode and said, “Why isn’t anyone making a slipper like that?” Being a middle-age woman with no prior experience, Ms. Bennett started experimenting with old shoes and memory foam to introduce a slipper of outstanding design. And the result today is highly sought after “Zsa Zsa Slippers.”

Seeing the slippers huge popularity and instantly becoming talk of the town, I thought to comfort my feet with one of those pairs. Available in all 3 pairs, namely Robin-Dissa, Win-Steen and Degene-Rossi at $69.99 from zsazsaslipper.com, I thought owing a pair of classy Robin-Disa slippers. Though I liked each of them equally, but my heart went a bit for Robin-Disa pairs.


As much as I love dressing up, between dealing with osteoarthritis and just plain old age, off late most of my clothing choices – especially those meant to be worn at home – are chosen keeping comfort in mind and nothing else. Lingerie has approached to pajamas, and slippers are flat, fluffy and scruffy, intended just for a touch of warmth and to keep me from venturing on a Lego.

When I was asked to review a pair of Zsa Zsa luxury slippers for ladies, I was very pleased by their touch of glamour, and extremely concerned I wouldn’t be able to wear them at all without tumbling down, but I gulped and agreed to do the review.

I wear a size 6 1/2, and as they only come in whole sizes, so I ordered a 7 and that ended up being exactly perfect – any smaller and my heel would have been hanging off the back and any larger and they would not have upheld my feet without a lot of moving. Finding the soles of the slippers very sturdy, it made me go worried whether it will give me a comfortable foot and to my utmost surprise they turned out to be highly comfy as topped with memory foam. I felt like my feet were cushioned and happy throughout. While there is a platform and bit of a heel, I experienced no unsteadiness while wearing them, as it has been truly years since I have attempted to wear a heel. These are also being recommended by foot doctors as a safe and supportive shoe for those dealing with foot issues – and they for sure do not look orthopedic. A bit of moleskin lining inside the slipper helps prevent any chafing when worn.

What I was truly concerned about those slippers were taking their black glittery sides. As these are truly eye catchy, I used to think they are going to flake off glitter all over my feet, clothing and house when worn (As this is the problem I had encountered past with many of my glittery party wear shoes). The astounding answer is NO! The fabric comes very sparkly, but is woven instead of getting glued on top, and none of the shimmers shade. Both the top and sides are glittery enough to catch a lot of light and reflection.


Zsa Zsa luxury ladies slippers are true in bringing out a spirit of fun. While they make exceptionally decent upscale relaxing slippers for home, they are also sturdy enough to wear for a happy event. And I expect doing the same when holiday/occasion time comes around again!!

Hope you people found my review post helpful!! Being a happy Zsa Zsa Slipper customer, I can only say, just go and grab them without giving any double thought. They will be worth the limelight.

Bye!!! Catch you in the Next!!

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Know Why Designer Women Slippers Are The Next Big Trend

Everyone please stand up and let us give the fashion trend its well deserved standing ovation. I vow I just LOVE fashion. I treasure pretty clothes, sexy heels, high-end makeup and classy looks. So in this world full of appealing faces, where do designer womens slippers stand? And, most essentially where do we stand towards them?

Truth is, there are some trends we love and some we hate. However, I bet, women designer slippers are so fluffy and comfy that you can’t give them a cold shoulder. The question is how do we really feel about those slippers? Do we wear them often? And if so, how do we stylize them? Designer slippers are perfect mix of breathtaking trends, coming with a fusion of both sweet and sexy. It’s like fashion ultimately did some justice for the girly girls there.


If you like spending hours scrolling Instagram and looking out what the renowned fashion blogger has worn, you will find that there are a few selected items that they owe, and one among them is designer womens slippers. So, bid adieu to tip toe heels and scream hola to slip-on fashion (finally!).

Get ready to make your feet sing out of complete relief as slippers make a comeback to our daily outfit of the day.  These slip-ons are at their comfiest with these easy style combinations that one can use for chic, casual wear.

  1. Put on the loose pullover, a pencil mini skirt, designer slippers and a cute hat and get a perfect ensemble for the manila climate.
  2. Amp up your street-cred with the classic basic combination of a cropped top, a jogger, a casual pair of slip-ons and a vintage statement making cap.
  3. Travel the time machine and relive the fashion of the 90s. Do you remember the rage for the 90s kids? Bellbottom pants, off-shoulder tops and platform slippers of course!
  4. Slide on the most on the sunniest days by getting yourself an outfit that is boho-chic. Streamline your inner bohemian gypsy and turn heads with a tunic dress and classic pair of slippers with charming prints.
  5. Give your regular outfit of the day a relaxed and casual twist. Crisp over-sized polo tops and funky printed slippers can make your day!

Slipping your feet into a cozy pair of designer slippers is one of life’s best luxuries. Robin-Dissa, Win-Steen and Degne-Rossi are some of the Jeanne Johnson-Bennett’s high-end designed women slippers that took the fashion world by storm, even being street-style snapped on many global fashion shows. Get ready to rock the trend with one of these Bennett’s street style shots.

Also, thanks to the high-end and renowned brands that made designer women slippers be a part of the ultra modern fashionable world and became the closest shoes to wear. With women and men equally obsessed, the slippers became a fashion statement complementing every outfit. They are now very fashionable and embellished and not really like the casual ones one wear at home like the worn out Uggs. It’s quite similar to the trend of pairing a suit with sneakers. This fashion trend isn’t for masses, but if you are in love with fashion and are bold enough, then yes, they are for you! And I think it is super cool to mix comfort and luxury, so why not?

An Investment Piece

One can find designer slippers in all price range, but I personally will encourage people to invest in high end slippers that will last them lifetime. If in a dilemma that what if such trend will pass quickly and money invested will get wasted, now worries! Just have a look at 80s fashion pictures and you will find a lot of similarities in today’s fashion market. So, my advice will be to invest in a nice pair of high quality slippers that will be worth every buck.

No Penny, No Worry

If you are having a tight pocket, no need to worry too. You will be lucky finding luxurious women slippers that feel comfortable at a very reasonable price rate. The trick here is to look for the quality. Many established brands make high quality shoes that are not as pricey.

There are tons of different types of slippers available from shearing ones that keep your feet toasty warm to ones that have thick rubber soles and can be worn outside. If you’re not sure where to start looking, we have you covered. Visit zsazsaslipper.com and find the one of your choice!

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Shop the Best Nightgowns for Women Online

Let’s ask ourselves; why nightgown are important to us? Is it just a nightwear that we use every day or is it something much more. It’s the piece of cloth that you sleep in after a long hard working day. It provides us the comfort that allows us to have a good night sleep. So, I think it deserves some amount of your precious time when you think of buying one. Here, we will be discussing about how to find the perfect nightgowns for women online.

The comfort factor: Comfort is the key factor that should be prioritized while shopping any nightwear. Stressful or not, a good night sleep will help you replenish your lost energy and make you ready for the next day. For that, you need a comfortable nightgown. Start looking for the most comfortable material online and find a product accordingly. While cotton is the best choice, nowadays there are other materials which are equally gentle to the skin.

Sexy Nightie – Nightgown for Women

Food for thought: Shopping from your local store might not help all the time. For instance, if you are living in the suburbs where you do not find too many malls or megastores, searching products online can help you access a ton of different products.

The variety: Nightgowns have become very much a part of the fashion culture. Famous fashion houses are coming up with exclusive designs for nightwear. Looking online will allow you to access all these variety of designs and products which is quite impossible to find in your local store. Since it is not your everyday t-shirt and jeans we cannot settle for anything. After all, looking good in bed for your partner is as important as looking good outside.

Food for thought:  Say you are looking for a designer pair by a famous fashion house. It’s obvious that you cannot find it at your local store. However, you can find it online in no time and grab it right at your doorstep.

Compare prices: We all want the best product with the most reasonable price. There are tons of dedicated websites available that is offering top notch nightgowns for women at the best price. So, now can easily compare prices of different products and designs with any of your local stores. Locate the design or brand that you are looking for and get the best deals available.

Food for thought:   Comparing prices will allow you to get the brand you desire without paying some extra dollars at your local store. Sometimes many websites offer lucrative deals and discounts to promote their stock. This can be a golden chance for you to shop some exclusive products.

The verdict:

Even men can shop nightgowns for women comfortably from the online market in case you have planned to surprise her with a special gift. This can surely rekindle the old flame once again any day. Some women might find it a little difficult to buy nightwear from a store where the sales representative might be of the opposite gender. Leave these problems and hassle the perfect products behind and take it up to the internet. Do your research about the materials and make sure to read the specifications before you order any product. Now, you think about the two options again and tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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8 things you must know before buying luxury slippers in USA

If you are searching for women’s luxury slippers in USA, this post will help you know a lot of things. Below are some points that come right from doctors.


1. As per APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association), our feet are more prone to injury from any other part of the body. That is why we need to do everything that protects our feet. And it includes supporting them with well-made footwear.

2. Ailments, affecting the heel, the arch and the tendons of the foot, can be linked back to poor manufactured and unsupportive shoes.

3. The potential for injury is not limited to the foot. Wearing the wrong shoes doesn’t stop at the foot. They go beyond and affect some of the major body parts like your:

  • Back
  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Spinal alignment and
  • Neck

Superior Manufacturing is a must

4. The key ingredient to a long-lasting and supportive shoe is how well is its build quality. Wrapping your feet in good materials is essential for preventing injury not only to your feet but also the rest of your body.


Among many, Memory Foam and Latex Insoles stands out

When it comes to finding shoes that will protect your feet, the importance of quality cushioned insole is vital. You’d be stressed to find anything that beats the comfort and support of memory foam or latex insoles. Then, here are some things that you will love to know.

5. Memory foam molds to the shape of your foot in an instant and provides:

  •  Excellent Arch support
  • Increases stability and
  • Relieves the pressure on the joints and the ball of your foot

6. Latex insoles divert away pressure from the foot. They are ideal for all-year-wear.

7. Latex is breathable. It thus keeps your feet fresh as well as cool in summer months while warm during the winters.

8. Both memory foam and latex insoles cushion the shock of every step you take, thus providing ultimate protection for the foot.

Many injuries happen only from poorly constructed shoes. It has lasting effects that can, in turn, impact your way of life. You might search for luxury slippers in USA, but you must keep an eye for the comfy brands like ZsaZa Slippers.

With companies out there in the market whose sole purpose is providing supportive, comfortable, and quality footwear, why would you not take the advantage?


Every organ and body part especially our foot is essential to us and is a prize, a gift from the Almighty. Our feet are that possession that gets us where we want to go. And many times we don’t value them enough. With every footstep we take each day, we owe our feet earnest quality care. By choosing comfortable and luxury slippers in USA, you’ll not only offer comfort to your feet, but to your knees, ankles and your back.

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3 Sizzling Nightgowns for Women. Be sexy and Sleep Well!

Clothing is not limited to fashion. They must be comfortable as well. Comfort comes in many ways, but the most special way to get it is by sleeping. Everyone loves to sleep and in various styles. In fact, people now update sleeping as one of their hobbies in resumes!

So how about find the sexiest sleep wears which are comfortable and revels your natural beauty? My partner gazes me whenever I wear nightgowns and I think every woman must have at least one. Here are the top 3 sexy nightgowns for women.

3 best Sizzling Nightgowns for Women

These are the products that I use. In fact, these are selected by my love and he says I look hot!

  1. Sleeping Beauty – Polka Dot Kimono and Nightie

This is the special one I own. This nightgown has witnessed many sizzling nights and is one of the best. Light weight and exotically silky, its Polka Dots adds ready elegance to your personality.

This is the one I bought when we went to a trip. Now I wear it very often. Apart from being sexy, you are sure to find a sound and comfortable sleep in it. Reveal your curves and live your dreams with your partner. Take a look at it in the image below.

Sexy Nightie – Nightgown for Women

Sexy Nightie – Nightgown for Women

  1. The Multipurpose One – Black Pajamas with Piping

Oh! This is another of my favorites. This Pajama set is a multi-purpose one and serves most of your needs. If you are thinking of only to sleep, let me add more to its capabilities.

This pajama set is a perfect yoga dress. Lightweight with moisture management technology, you can exercise in the mornings. Also, this is the one I prefer in chiller nights. It’s cozy and is an ankle length pajama sets.

Tip: When you are off mood, wear this set. Your partner will know tonight is not the night! I do the same…

Multipurpose Sleepwear in Nightgowns

Multipurpose Sleepwear in Nightgowns

  1. Being the Babe – Tie Dye Rayon Chemise

This is the exceptional one and is a show stopper. Men love sports and when there is an international match going on, no way they are noticing you.

I use this to seek my partner’s attention! Although he never turns off the TV, but with me in this nightgown for women, he is not gazing at the screen as well!

This piece is a curve revealer and is super comfortable. Sleep in it or be playful, it serves your purpose in either ways! I have the orange one; you can also select its Turquoise version.

Babe Nightgown – Orange and Turquoise

Babe Nightgown – Orange and Turquoise

Feeling Loved starts with Mutual Understanding

If you think that clothes can alone help you attract your partner, it is not true. My love selected these 3 sleep wears for me. The essence of having a healthy relationship is not limited to wearing sexy outfits, but comes with mutual understanding and respect.

I will quote an example: Suppose he is watching the match and you come to him wearing the Tie Dye Rayon Chemise. There are 100% chances that he won’t bother to look at you. As I said, respecting each others’ feelings comes first.

In short, if you are trying to have something different in life and at nights, this list of nightgowns is perfect. Grab them from Zsa Zsa Slippers at the best prices. If you want to add your products in this post, let me know in the comments.


3 Things you must know Before Buying Women’s Slippers

3 Tips for buying Women’s Slippers which are avoided

There are some shoes and slippers in your home which you never wear. I know that for sure because I too have some pairs. Girls and ladies out there, it becomes quite difficult for us to make a perfect choice for a women’s slipper or a shoe. But if you keep an eye on these 3 things, you will never have an extra pair laying eggs in your wardrobe!

womens slipper

The following three things must be taken care of in unison.

  1. Trending Looks: Keeping Up with the Trending Fashion

The fashion world is always bringing something new every day and we want to keep up with it.

  1. Comfort: A perfect fit with a cushioned sole

You can find comfort with fashion. It’s all about straining a variety of footwear to reach the perfect womens slipper.

  1. Longevity: Worth the Price, Comfort and Looks

Did I say longevity with comfort! Oh yes I did. I am not asking you to wear leather shoes with a fabric sole which tears after couple of uses.

So are you eager to find women’s slippers with all these 3 features. We will look at them but at first let’s look at the practices we have into these many years


What generally happens is you go to the store and shuffle among 100s of women’s slippers or shoes in search for the perfect one. The moment you go for the looks or the design, you forget about the comfort and the quality factors. This is common to all of us. You will agree with me on this that sometimes when we go with the looks, it’s either tight or is painful to the little toe.

Some of you who believe in flat soles and high heels are not your cup of tea. Flats are comfortable than heels when you are wearing them for longer durations. But a hard base can be a pain itself. Now if you are a flat shoe lover, you have a great chance to miss the trending fashion and settle down with a women’s slipper that does the job.

No matter how hard we try, it’s quite challenging to find a shoe which includes comfort, looks and is made for the long run.

Comfy Women’s Slipper in my life Ever

One of my girlfriends was the first one to bring me the Degene-Rossi. Her mom bought it for herself. Later Emma gifted me one. This women’s slipper is one of the best things ever in my life. Today I have the courage to enlighten you on how to find that one perfect footwear which is a combo of these three qualities.

This slipper has gained massive popularity after it got featured in the Sellin Ellen Show. The sole is padded with memory foam and is super comfortable. When I put them on, I feel as if I am standing on the clouds. With colorful looks it suits the trending fashion and enhances your casual look and you can give this slipper a try. I promise you won’t regret.

Hey did I miss out any point that you think is worth adding in this blog? Feel free to post them in the comments below.






Buying luxury slippers online in various shapes and styles

When you are looking for the slippers you had always wanted, you will find that there are numerous styles to browse. These textured slippers give their wearers a delicate pad of tastefulness, luxury, style and solace. You can put them on by the day’s end or when you simply need to feel attractive.

Luxury slippers arrive in an extensive variety of styles level slippers, boot slippers, little cat heels, vintage slippers and donkeys. Lined with downy for ideal warmth, boot slippers are in a perfect world intended for winter wear. You can just wind up, wearing comfortable slippers, sit by the fireplace and just relax.

There are a lot of choices in slippers

Wearers can likewise include a dash of allure with the five inch cat heel shoe. For a kick back in time, the vintage shoe is attractive; extremely female and can be worn for a night of relaxation. Attractive and all around manicured feet and toes will make you feel like a star. Include somewhat dark dress; a glass of your most loved wine; sentimental music and you are prepared to go.

Luxury slippers designed with tiger prints, panther prints, lion prints and plumes can be consolidated with level soles, high heels and boot styles. As should be obvious, there are unending potential outcomes in designs and styles.

Shoe fashioners furnish wearers with an extraordinary takeoff from the more colorful styles. For instance, creature slippers accompany fluffy, hairy appearances, charming noses, eyes and bristles. Browse feline slippers, pooch slippers, rabbit slippers and bear slippers to mirror the fun and cheerful side of your identity.

Different styles and costs

You can browse pink, light and hot pinks, red, white, ivory, blue, brilliant blue, purple and unstable dark while picking your fluffy slippers. Shoe determination turns out to be all the more energizing when this amazing scope of hues is joined with the different accessible styles and shapes.

Just go online and visit a reliable site that supplies the best type of slipper designs and styles to choose from. Buy it online and you don’t have to worry about anything not even the quality.